Beta Project: Decorative Earring Rack & Jewelry Stand
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I finally finished off this project after a few weeks, and I’m really happy to be able to share it here. :grinning:

I designed a few variations in Illustrator for a custom decorative earring & jewelry organizer/holder/rack/stand, and this is the one I went with based on consultations with my wife. It’s awesome to have an idea in mind, discuss it with her to get some specifics and functional understanding of what she would like, work on a killer design and revise it a few times based on her feedback and suggestions, and then just run with it and see how it turns out! I’m fairly pleased with the end result as a 1st attempt, and used the entire project as a learning process in regards to the envisioning in 3D and designing in 2D, as well as the finishing process doing woodworking.

Unfortunately I did break it at one point, but luckily I was able to glue the piece back on with minimal actual damage to salvage the project and finish it off. :wink:

Cut from 1/8" and 1/4" plywood.
Glued and clamped 4 layers to create the base.
Rack piece fits perfectly in slot and is held well with no adhesive.
Sanded to 220.
Three applications of Dark Walnut Danish Oil.
Sanded again to 400 between each of 4 applications of Arm-R-Seal topcoat to finish it off.

Took some time to dry between each coat letting the pieces hang and dry in the garage, as we’ve had a freezing cold spell and some snow and plenty of rain here over the past 2-3 weeks or so. It took me longer to finish than I anticipated. But, here it is! :slight_smile:

Cutting on the GF!

Just finished rack piece on the GF bed

Detail view of rack with masking still on

All 5 pieces cut and laid out…

1st assembly testing!

Clamped for gluing. I used the rack piece in the slot to help to ‘line up’ the 4 base pieces when gluing, being careful when I applied the glue to each layer that I didnt put much near the slot edge so as to minimize seepage that would adhere to the rack piece.

Drying in garage after sanding and Danish Oil. You can clearly see the area on the rack (lower left side piece) where I applied the glue to affix the whole piece that broke off completely during sanding (gotta be careful with intricate and fragile pieces!), as it repelled the oil and didn’t take any color.

The glue to fix that broken piece really worked to save the project for me, and 4 layers of top coat finishing I think gave it some additional strength, though it is still a somewhat fragile piece as a whole.

And some final shots after finishing and reassembly. :grin:


Final completed project with earrings and some jewelry to show it’s true purpose!

My wife simply loves the final result, and she says it is beautiful. I’m so glad she likes it! :heart:

Thanks for reading this far and checking this project out! :grin: :glowforge:

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