4 in a Roll - New game concept - testing
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Hey All - About a year ago, I started working on a concept for a game using my 3D printer. It’s a marble game that my family and a few friends have enjoyed. Recently, I thought about converting it into a laser cut design (this comes out faster and is still just as playable!)
The game is called “4 in a Roll” and can be played with 2-4 players in about 3-5 minutes.


Object-Be the first player to get 4 marbles in a row (either horizontaly, vertically, or diagonally).
Game Rules for 2-3 players-Players take turns placing their colored marble from either end of the game. The marble will roll to the middle and come to a stop along the fence. Turns continue until 1 player reaches 4 marbles in a row!
Game Rules for 4 players- Partners compete against another colored team. Sit across from your partner. Your teammate may only play on 1 half of the board opposite from yourself across the fence and may not play on your half. Teams must work together to defeat the other colored team.

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