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A while ago I got asked by my wife to make a replacement rack for their chart labels at the animal hospital. Well today since I was working from home since I’m on overnight call, she texted me that the old rack was too small, and she needed a new one. She wanted it to be 24" wide. (the old one was 8").

Here is the original

My first reaction was well, I guess I’ll have to buy a monster laser cutter on my wife’s orders! (I mean I don’t want to disappoint her!). So, I explained that the Glowforge is not 24" wide so would 18" wide suffice? I mean the label spools are only about 1/2" wide. Of course being a parametric design in OnShape it was just a quick click on the width variable, change it to 18" and export. It’s in thick clear acrylic. I use copper pipe as the rods since it’s easy to cut metal and copper is bactericidal.

The little holes in the outer plates are for shoving a pin through if the pipe is cut just a smidge too short. It turns out the pipe length is really twitchy with a mm +/- making the difference between easy to insert and falling out.


(probably should have cleaned off the counter before taking the photo?)

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