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One of the designs in the catalog that is available to me is the acrylic pendant. This would work with hardwood too. I chose the standard size and added a 300dpi bitmap of my initials using the darker engrave.

The acrylic is pristine. It’s an amazing material that just comes alive in the light. I thought I had cleaned it well enough but in the LEDs you can see the dust. This item would look good on a keychain.

The light score did an wonderful job in scoring the wavy lines around the circumference. The dance of the print head was mesmerizing.

After the whiffs of wood most of the day as I worked on kerf adjustments in tabbed boxes, the slight sweet smell of the acrylic was a surprise. Not at all like the usual burnt plastic

While I had the plastic in the bed, I whipped up a little 2" name tag that can be edge lit with some LEDs. I most likely will get some walnut blanks for the base, cut a slot for the base to insert into and route out a channel in the bottom for the lights.

This time I kept the text as outline font vectors to be able to score them. Chose the heavier score so it’s a bit deep, but from farther away it makes the text really jump out.

I didn’t take the time to jazz it up a bit like the pendant with the waves.

I would encourage everyone to work on a file such as this and have it ready to go. This will be one of those things that people will see on your desk and instantly get why you got a Glowforge.

As Dan mentioned they should still are dialing in the acrylic engrave and score. I’m pretty happy with it. Just the starts and stops have the slightest deeper score, you can see the effect in the ends of the lines under my name.

And finally, the first attempt. I was testing out resolution in the bitmaps I was going to use on the acrylic. This was a very low res jpeg of the Glowforge :glowforge:

I did a few of them and then cut a pendant. This is flipped over.

Just love the light coming through.

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