Frank Lloyd Wright inspired Lamp
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Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada 
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Here is my latest.
A gift to my mom for her birthday. She recently went to Chicago and visited a lot of Frank Lloyd Wright. She came back with an idea of doing something with my GF but she didn’t know what. I designed and built this without her knowing. It was inspired by this image

It is PG 1/8 walnut and 1/8 acrylic.


Next time I should increase the edges thickness, it is quite fragile at the moment after I had to reduce the width of the lamp from 3" to 2 7/8".


After I gave it to her, she was quite pleased and proud, but she found the bulb I used was too hot, she changed it to a fridge bulb and it give a better effect and no heated smell. I am still waiting for those beauty shots.

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