Beta Project: 3D Depth Engrave Initial Tests
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In an attempt to try and learn more about how to create my own designs using gradient 3D depth grayscale engraving, I used google image search and I found some images online to try out.

Keep in mind that these are fairly low resolution ‘web’ images to start with. I did increase the resolution to 300dpi (keeping the ‘print’ dimensions the same) and they are small. I’m sure that much higher quality source images would produce much higher quality results with much finer detail. Pretty sure these may be intended for CNC usage also. I was basically only trying to see what would happen printing these on the :glowforge:, so I could compare the results with the original pics as a learning/discovery exercise. :wink:

Also, they were all done using manual settings on the beta machine at a low lpi and a few varied speed settings just to again see what the results would be. I’m pleased with the results I got, and have a better understanding of what I need to do to create some of my own down the line. :slight_smile:

Pics and some vids below!



And a timelapse recording of this engrave:



And a timelapse recording of this engrave:


And a timelapse recording of this engrave:

All together with a bobby pin for scale

Thanks for checking this project out! :grin:

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