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Using some lessons learned from earlier maps, I was able to crank out a few 11"x14" panels as a gift for my sister who just graduated from med school and is getting hitched. What an overachiever! Each panel has a 0.5" heart where she or her fiancé lived during their journey. They’re a military couple, so I’m ready to bet these will not be the last panels in their story!



  • Made a Glowforge-friendly template at SnazzyMaps
  • Downloaded raster images of the appropriate areas
  • Import to Inkscape, use trace bitmap function
  • Select roads, remove fill, set stroke thin (0.1mm)
  • Use the boolean operations as necessary to crop image and add hearts


  • Design: 10-15 minutes per map
  • Laser: 40-100 minutes per map, depending on detail



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