Beta Project: Leather Bracelets
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After some success working with leather on the earring project and further experiments (Beta Project: Leather Earring Experiments), I decided to continue to see what else I could come up with. So, I designed and created some simple bracelets. :smiley:

I’ve been busy over the past few weeks with a weekend out of town, and then school being out for the girls all Thanksgiving week, and the holiday itself, etc.

But, I do have a number of other beta projects to share very soon following this one. Some are still in the midst of finishing and assembly still…

I’m sorry to admit, that I neglected to take pics of the raw cuts, dying, coating, and assembly with these, so please enjoy these finished pieces. :boom: :tada:

For the first pair I used 2oz leather, cut the designs, dyed black, and finished with protective wax. Bought the hardware at my local bead store, and sized the width to the little clamps. These are both too small for me to wear, and snug for my wife’s wrist, but wearable. The clasps are really difficult to attach by oneself too. But, until I get a hand press for snaps, this is the best I could do for now…

One of these designs is based on the original impetus for the earrings, and the other a basic pattern I made in Illustrator as well.

Here’s some pics of my wife wearing them…

The 2nd pair are cut from 5oz leather, dyed black and mixed with silver (kind of a shiny gun metal look, and they turned out really cool! but kind of hard to capture it in photo), and finished with protective wax, and again assembled using the same hardware as above. :slight_smile:

I did also make them bigger to fit my wrists, and they turned out perfect (though again the clasps are practically impossible for me to do on my own! Need snap press…).

And finally, a few shots of em on me…

Thanks for checking out this project! :smile: :glowforge:

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