A long long time ago
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I have an ear worm of that song right now (American Pie). Sorry.

But really, a long long time ago.

A long time ago (Aug 2017) in Glowforge land, just a few months after production machines had started shipping, they introduced additional user accounts, which means you could invite someone to be a user on your machine and they could send a print while the lucky Glowforge owner hit the glowing button and babysat it. @joe asked if I wanted to try something, and I said sure, let’s do it.

Joe added me and I uploaded my very first picture - a picture of a sable antelope that I had from a trip to Africa. He said it was printing away. I trusted him. All done he said! I’m not sure what we got back, but it wasn’t by any means a sable antelope.

Admittedly, now I know, that it was a pretty tough photo.

I decided to upload that image and run it again today. A little bit of a difference, I’d say. The more we know… try, try again. All of that good stuff.

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