Baptism Cross
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My cousin had a baptism for their daughter, and I needed a gift. It’s a good thing I have a laser! But what to make. I remembered awhile back, some bad influences did some really nice work with crushed Mother of Pearl inlays.

But what wood should I use. :thinking:
Oh, I have that nice Sapele plank. :grinning:
I can’t cut that with a Glowforge. :pensive:
But I have a friend with a router table I can borrow! :smiley:

After some Inkscape designing(with some help from The Noun Project after I realized I can’t draw a dove, even with the help of a computer (, and some trial and error, I had a cross that came out beautifully.






I will make a post in #beyond-the-manual with my design and fabrication process.

Edit: Here is the other post! How I made a Baptism Cross

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