Slate sign installed for goats
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Due the huge slate of posts, this is a follow up to the slate sign post I made, finished the frame around the slate today and installed it.

The day started off with a road trip for the boys to my wife’s hospital (the only workplace where pooping over 7 times and peeing on the floor repeatedly is acceptable) as the staff demanded a visit.



(no work was done for an hour…)

Then when I returned the boys to the farm, I finished the sign. The trick was how to hold the sign in place since as shellacked slate it’s not going to easily adhere and there are small foam rubber feet on the back so hard to get it to stay. What I did was the use my router table and route a curve into pieces of cedar (the whole frame is cedar, as that’s the look of the barn) and then use those to make a compression fit of the slate on the chiseled edge. Then I used carriage bolts out of the bottom to attach it to the top rail of the fence:


Totally had to bribe the boys with food to get them to stand near the sign for the photo.

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