Robotics Team Awards
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One of the main reasons I bought my Glowforge was to help out my robotics team with various parts. This year we decided to hand out awards to other teams competing at our Regional event as a way to grow our brand and get more of the team engaged.

They decided on 3 categories for our first event (last week). Taking inspiration from this design and this design, we came up with these:


(They look slightly cooler in person. The camera loses the depth that the engraved acrylic brings.)

I’m mostly happy with how they came out. Being the end of season, time was running out so we assembled at the event. The only glue I had (thin CA glue) got soaked up by the paper a bit around the standoffs. A thicker gel super glue would do much better (and is what we’re doing for this week’s awards).

For those wondering about the process, it’s just :proofgrade: draftboard backing (with engraved circles for where the standoffs line up) that has red cardstock glued to it front and back. I trimmed the cardstock exactly along the cut draftbord with a razor so that there was no overhang or alignment issues. The standoffs are glued on top of that and screwed into holes in the acrylic. The acrylic is reverse engraved on the back so that it’s super smooth on the front.

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