Grandparents Photo on PG Maple Hardwood
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Birch, Texas 
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I did an engraving of the photo of my (and @timjedwards’) grandparents that I used for testing settings a few days ago. I liked the SD engrave settings best, but was torn between the 3D look of the “vary power” option and the nice dark engrave of the “convert to dots” option. So I decided to combine them.

This was done on PG medium maple hardwood, the same as in the settings tests I ran. I first ran it using the SD graphic setting with vary power selected. That looked really nice, but light. (I was stupid and didn’t grab a photo at this stage, sorry!) Then I doubled the focus height and changed it to “convert to dots” (still SD graphic), and ran it again. I’m really happy with how it came out – best of both worlds!


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