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It’s the spring season (well not really here in MA) and that mean Passover is coming up, so time for our annual large 30+ person Seder, which of course requires place cards made with some advanced manufacturing techniques. So far we’ve done 3D printed, and numerous laser cut materials. The most devious one was during the PRU days when I did puzzles at each place (cute idea but terrible for table logistics). Anyway this year I decided to do Slate cards, as a follow-on to last years travertine marble. Took the settings from this post (cross tagging, so that way my post doesn’t need to move to BTM).

Anyways decided to use snap marks (which ran into a small snag which I will describe and then remark on in problems so support can look into it). So quickly CAD’ed up a grid of the appropriate 2x5" rectangles in OnShape (I’ve forgotten how to draw other than CAD) exported the DXF to Illustrator and added the snap marks. Then put the names onto the cards. The challenge with that typeface is if you have letters with Risers and descenders you quickly get in an aspect ratio that makes you have a smaller font size (and that font is somewhat hard to read). I note in the other post @Jules suggested that you mineral oil the slate before doing it, but of course I didn’t have any so we went dry. So then I cut the jig in draft board and scored the snap marks on. Anyway the problem I ran into was that the job threw an error that there weren’t enough snap marks in the job to work (there were 2), but after throwing that error it clearly aligned itself to the snap marks so not sure what that meant, so it came out great. My wife was really impressed (always good). Now for 4 more sheets of these.


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