Little Free Library (Upgraded by Glowforge!)
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I just completed a renovation of our existing “Little Free Library”, which was the project I was most looking forward to while I waited 2 years for the GF to arrive.
The main problem with the existing structure was the roof. I originally had used thin hobby/craft plywood (1/16” thick perhaps), hand cut and painted with textured paint (and clear coated) to resemble real shingles. Unfortunately, it only took about one winter of freeze/thaw cycles before they began to separate and peel (see first pic).
For the remodel, I decided to go with 1/4” poplar hardwood planks of varying widths and lengths, and engraved to look like spines of books stacked on a shelf. Most of the titles were favorites picked by my wife and 9yo daughter (avid readers, more so than me!). I stained them various shades of grey, and included one “book to come” painted gold, as a reminder of our goal to someday write & illustrate a children’s book ourselves. Added a outdoor-grade protective finish.
The door had an existing plexiglass window. I added an engraved piece of acrylic (with quote from Stephen King) to the inside of the window frame, and edge-lit it with led strip lights (on a timer). Since they are not rated for outdoor use, I reconfigured the door to hinge along the top and open up. This will hopefully keep precipitation from inside the library if it is opened in foul weather. Also, gravity will help keep it closed (a problem previously).
Lastly, designed and forged a new sign to replace the boring stock sign the LFL organization provides.
Overall, happy with the results! Curious to see how the roof holds up to the elements.









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