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I know this is a tumultuous time, but Ive been waiting to see this since the glowforge was announced. Im sure anyone who read the email has seen it, but its easy to get lost in all the chaos of the delay, and I’m too excited not to post about it. In light of that I wanted to make a thread to talk about HOW AMAZING this 3d engrave looks!

I dont doubt that you have seen me be on dan and crew’s butt about the 3d engrave function. Well, they knocked it out of the park! I cant believe how amazing it looks, so kudos to the glowforge team. I really wasnt expecting to see this until after the new year some time. The quality appears to be incredibly high, and this is supposedly only at about 1/4 of max resolution!

This will potentially allow me to forgo needing to CNC or pay to resin print a LOT of 2.5d things. That in itself is a HUGE boon for me. My chinese laser cant do anything close to this.

Im really hoping the pre-release units will be able to do more 3d engraves now that the cat is out of the bag. I cant wait to see more!

Again, im blown away and cant wait to try this myself.

@dan Dont forget to upload that time lapse of the 3d engrave! we’re all on the edge of our seats for it

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