Colored Pencil on Copper
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Here’s a fun project I just finished. I’ve recently become enamored with applying colored pencil to copper/metals to create a look similar to copper enamels. It turns out the process is pretty tricky and the workshops to learn how to do this are far away. So I did a lot of experimentation to get something I liked.

The cat head and the quilt are cut separately from sheet copper then sanded and treated with gesso to give it tooth. Colored pencils are applied in layers with fixative sprays in between layers. The eye holes were drilled and brass escutcheon pins are placed through the holes, with crimp beads between the layers, so the cat head sits up about 1/16" above the plane of the quilt.

The box was cut from PG cherry hardwood (medium), and the lid was engraved (default draft) to allow the copper piece to inset; glued in with E6000.

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