Sapele Mahogany and acrylic plaques
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For the past few years, I have made these plaques for one of my clients. I really like the mix of the dark engraved wood and the bright acrylic engrave.



In the past, I have had to score an outline of the final plaque size on the board and then cut to that score mark on the table saw. Which just added potential to ruin a piece after engraving it.

But now with snapmarks it is a whole lot easier and less stressful.

Here is a look at the file I used to engrave the wood and acrylic. As you can see the acrylic was engraved from the back. There is also a layer with my logo and an alignment mark for where to cut the keyhole slot for hanging.



One of the things I love most about having a laser at home is being able to make quick jigs. Here is the one I made for cutting the keyholes on the back. It was made for some scraps I had but it looks amazing. Plus labeling my jigs has never been so easy or looked so neat. Too bad my shop is nowhere as neat.


Too bad I totally missed my alignment mark when cutting the first one. :frowning: Good thing I always order extra material.


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