Edge Lit Acrylic
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Today’s edge-lit acrylic attempt was a great success with minimal failure. I ran the laser on proof grade acrylic on the recommended settings. The mistake here was leaving the paper backing on the acrylic. It was impossible to remove the paper from the fine detail portions of my engraving. It was almost as if the paper was melted into the acrylic. No matter what I tried I couldn’t get it off. I will try to soak that sheet in water overnight to see if the paper can be removed in the morning.

For my second attempt, I removed the paper from the front of the acrylic and kept it on the back. This was a success. In some places, the lines in the art were very thin and didn’t get engraved, but overall it looks awesome.

I look forward to making more edge-lit designs. My daughter has requested a portrait of our dog with a moon above. The bar has been raised.

I purchased my LED pucks with remote controls from Amazon:


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