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I’ve been fighting with a sinus infection that has basically ruined my productivity for January. Just clawing my way out and felt good enough to do something but nothing tough. So I made a little puzzle. I like Penrose Tiles and want to dive into more complex stuff (looking hard at all those cool fractal puzzles some of you are trying) so for now I gave myself this achievable project.
Made the design in Inkscape, found a good work around for dealing with the double-cut jigsaw conundrum, and cut it out of cheap, non-proofgrade 1/8" baltic birch.


Gave me good things to think about for when I try again on something more complex and nicer. The nodes of the lines had some unwanted burn through when scoring, and I’m playing with an idea to do a reverse cut so the kerf helps the pieces slip into place easier.


All in all, a nice diversion that took my mind off the crud in my sinuses and let me feel like a maker again for the first time in weeks.

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