My First Glowforge Projects, and Question about Painting Draftboard
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I’m an artist, and one of the main reasons for getting the Glowforge was to create painted items that I could sell at fairs and conventions. People are gunshy about buying paintings, unless I seriously underprice them, and prints typically don’t get much traction, but I thought things like ornaments, standees and little props might do well at the sorts of fairs we table at.

These were all cut out of draftboard. Although the cutting and preparation was simple, I’m admittedly disappointed by the paintability of the draftboard. Unlike MDF it has a fibrous surface that takes paint okay, but REALLY doesn’t take gloss or varnish well at all – everything ends up blotchy and splintered-looking. I tried both spray-on gloss varnish and paintable varnish, with pretty much the same results.

For the deaths head moth (which will eventually be a pendant), I used a gesso coat underneath the paint, which seems to have helped a little However, gessoing everything is going to be a bit of a pain. Will I get a better finished product by using something like hardboard instead of draftboard?

The Autobot and Decepticon symbols were hand-pieced and glued onto the backing circle, then hand-painted. The anatomical heart is puzzle-pieced together from a single image where each individual piece was painted separately. The small heart pendant was made from some walnut scrap (which was also frustrating to work with, as it needed to be sanded before it would take paint).

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