Beta Project: Halftone Pattern Engraving
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I made some more engravings…
This time I used halftone dot patterns to engrave photographic imagery.

You can create halftone patterns of images in Illustrator and Photoshop, though it may take some time and perhaps some trial and error.

I’ve done that before, but opted to use this cool site I found:

With a paid membership you can export unwatermarked images in either rasterized .png format or vector files as .svg. :wink:

Here are some of the results!

01 with masking

01 close up with masking

01 removing masking

01 unmasked with Sharpie for scale

01 close up unmasked

Showing her the results! <3

02 engraved in clear acrylic

02 shot from back/unengraved side…

02 from the front

what it looks like really. I now know I need to reverse the image if I were to edge light it instead of light it from behind…

03 test…

03 close up…

I wasn’t to thrilled on the results of 03 (just very plain and as a test I learned from it), so I flipped the wood over and engraved 04 on the other side. :slight_smile:

04 engraving in the forge

04 finished engraving

04 close up with masking

04 close up w/o masking

04 final

Results were very cool and exactly what I expected. But, it is VERY much a pain to get the little teeny tiny bits of masking out of the engraved surface. You can definitely see this in the 04 version just above. I need to figure out a better method as they are really stuck in there!

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