Beta Project: Leather Earring Experiments
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About a year or more ago my wife somehow lost one of her favorite earrings. She was pretty upset, because she loved them, and wore them often. She says they were light weight, comfortable to wear, and had a very simple design style and elegance to them. We bought them at an art gallery in Santa Fe, NM.

At some point I saw the one hanging there alone now on our bedroom mirror, and I told her I could make her a new pair when I get my GF. So, I did… :grin:

I’ve never worked with leather before so I wasn’t really sure how big of a challenge this project would be. I went out and bought some Eco Flow Water Stain from Tandy Leather, and earring hardware that looked as similar to the original as I could find at a local bead shop near me.

Designed in Illustrator to replicate the original. Cut out of 2oz leather.

Raw leather just after cut.

Dyed black, and finished with protective wax finish, and hardware on.

Original is thicker leather (5oz?) and wasn’t really finished (burnished) on the back (flesh side) and I’m not sure if it was pre-dyed or coated with anything. Definitely going to try another set using the thicker leather material to see how it turns out. These new ones are lighter, and a bit more delicate, naturally…

Anyhow, here’s a side by side comparison with the original.

My beautiful wife modeling them…

She liked them so much, that I decided to try and make some other ‘versions’ of my own design.

Dying them…

Hanging to dry…

Definitely going to design and make more and do further experiments with leather!

Thanks for checking this project out. :smile:

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