Christmas Puzzles
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You know when you go to post a project, but then you don’t? For like weeks? Yeah, that’s what I do all of the time!

A month or so before Christmas, I finally decided to give puzzles a try. I had ordered these Amazon Chipboards

Which worked so well, I ordered a ton more to have on hand, and hopefully to sell. I’m a landscape photographer, well, I’m a guy with a drone who primarily takes landscape photos, and occasionally “drone selfies” so that I don’t have to worry about other people not taking good photos :grin: ( if you’re interested in my photos)

I ordered the photos through my local Costco to be printed on their Lustre (matte) photo paper, and picked them up. Originally started with 4x6 sheets to test, and loved the results so I used my 8x10 prints next.


Sunset Cliffs, San Diego, California

Satisfied with what I got, decided I would add that to my future projects folder, and waited for the next opportunity to make puzzles. Christmas was coming up, and as you all know, when you have a laser, people expect some custom gifts. The problem with this year, was that I was so busy with actual Christmas orders, I nearly didn’t have time to make anything for anybody I actually knew! My wife suggested we make puzzles, and so that’s what we did!




Helps that we have beautiful friends with beautiful families, but I loved the way they had turned out. As for settings and such, I used this puzzle generator, which, if you haven’t used it, yet, you seriously should!

I followed @jbmanning5’s lead and used his settings, as well as his suggestion of using pool salt to clean the edges of char. I don’t think he mentions the salt in this particular post, but I had found it in a comment he had made somewhere, also @shop suggested it in that same thread.

Anyway, figured I’d share since I had planned to weeks ago, but never did :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Make sure to not drop any pieces in your machine and send the rest thousands of miles away to your best friends, because they’ll love these so much that they’ll make them immediately and inform you that they’re missing pieces. :grimacing:

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