Beta project: Wheat Sheaf candle sconce
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In anticipation of Thanksgiving I decided to design a table centerpiece. I chose to use a wheat theme because I liked the way that the shape of a wheat sheaf would let me make a 3 dimensional object out of some fairly simple shapes. My goal for this project was to make something that could be assembled without glue and then stored flat when not in use.

It took some fiddling to get the design and scale right. My first attempt used 1/8" hardwoods with a leather lamp shade, and is sized for a small 1" dia. candle. This version is a little flimsy, with a tendency for the individual stalks of wheat to flop over - not a desirable quality in a candle sconce. I also wasn’t totally happy with the leather shade because I think it looks out of place on the wheat sheaf.

For my second attempt I decided that I would increase the size and use 1/4" plywood for the material. I scaled the project to the largest size that could be cut out of the plywood sheets GF has supplied me with. I ended up with a pretty imposing wheat sheaf that doesn’t leave much room for plates and glasses on the table. I also struggled with how to add some sort of shade or wrapping that would hide the acrylic supports but still look appropriate.

So for my third attempt I stuck with the 1/4" plywood, but scaled it down to a smaller size, one that can be displayed on a 12" wide wall shelf or mantle. For this version I decided to use the kind of large candle that doesn’t require a shade, and instead of the leather I just tied a simple ribbon around the middle of the sheaf. I also re-worked how it snaps together, and used 1/4" plywood for the center support pieces instead of acrylic. I can pick this one up with one hand and shake it without any of the pieces falling off, so it is a much safer candle sconce. :slight_smile:

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