Beta Project: belt buckle organizer box
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I wanted to make a
small box to help me organize my collection of belt buckles so I decided I’d
try one of the online box designers as a starting point and go from there. I went over to and gave it the
rough inside dimensions I wanted and told it I was working with 1/8"
material and it was kind enough to produce an svg file for me with finger
joints. I took that into Illustrator and
started cleaning it up by removing the top and the associated finger joints so
I could have a smooth open top to mine.
I also made a center divider with positional finger joints of its own on
either end. At some point I realized I’d
given the incorrect dimensions, but wasn’t dissuaded and just started
stretching it out to the size I actually needed. It’s rather fun thinking in 3D via 2D planes
like this. Eventually I had a design I
thought would work and I printed it out to see how I did. Luckily enough it all worked out as expected. Instead I opted to glue it
together. I have some stuff from Tap
Plastics that welds acrylic and it works pretty well, but really hard to
control. It’s at least as thin as water
and evaporates really fast like rubbing alcohol. I have a squeeze bottle with a needle tip to
apply it precisely, but really, as soon as you turn it over it starts geysering
out of the tip and sprays everywhere. It
tends to make the acrylic cloudy wherever it hits and pools at all, but does
get pulled into the crevices and ends up melting the plastic together
well. Anyhow, here’s the end result of
tonight’s little project. It fits my
buckles well. Now I just need some
larger stock for a belt hanger to go with it :slight_smile:

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