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This is a beta version of a beta project.
A while ago I moved R’s letterpress printing press into her studio.
Unfortunately we have been having some variable power supply issues that have kept us from printing, since we can’t run the unit at low enough power to be safe. :sunglasses:

Basically I need find a place that will make a new belt twice as wide as the one I have because at low speed this one jumps off.

We have not wanted to ink up the press until I can get the belt thing resolved, but we are both pretty antsy about playing with the press.
So we decided to spend some time adjusting the platen pressure (which makes it print evenly) using a “blind emboss”. This was a new term for me, but R says it means mushing type (or in this case a wood block) into paper to leave an indentation.

I engraved the new logo for R’s letterpress “shop” into a piece of plywood. You should all be able to recognize it as a monkey otter.

Then I cut a piece of delrin on my mill to make a base for the plywood and get it to “type high”. This is the traditional thickness of type, and is .918".

Then R locked it up in a chase and mounted it on the press.

She put a sheet of nice thick cotton paper in there and spun the flywheel by hand, and… MAGIC!

I can’t wait to get this thing running for real!

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