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The project production continues (It pays to design in advance to receiving the machine)

This is a Tea Boat, designed to receive water from spills or cleaning in the tea process. I already had one, but it was all wood and started to warp from humidity. So I designed a new one.


Made from 1/8" PG Maple Plywood (1-1/3 sheets), 1/8" PG Clear Acrylic (2/3 Sheet) and PG Walnut Veneer (1/4-1/3 of a sheet).

There is an acrylic box nested inside the wooden one (I could have detailed and cut the wooden box on the sides but decided not for visual reasons)



I decided to have a simple finger joint with the thickness of the material has the teeth height, but I didn’t realized the acrylic wasn’t exactly 1/8" but a bit thinner and so, the nesting is a bit too tight.

I have a Hexagonal design thing and so, I had to include it. Which is why the holes are hexagonal.

The 1/8" cover is a bit light for my cast iron pot, but it holds for now. Also the inlay isn’t graceful/ perfect (I hid a lot of mistakes there) but I would need to better beta test before for the next one)

The only thing missing is a good coat of varnish for protection.

Edit 2019-10-24: Did a varnish coat, but the top layer is creeping due to my cast iron tea pot. Would need a middle support or a thicker material. Also, the inlay works but isn’t the best idea in this.

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