Beta Project: Return of Pachimari
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Sammamish, WA 
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I decided to play around with a simple decoration design and used a variant of the pachimari I’d done before, but made some slots and holes in it to assemble two faces at 90 degrees. I wanted to etch both sides of the wood and thought it would be a good test of my ability to flip it over and get it aligned again. I ended up just holding the base of the wood with my hand like a hinge and tipping it up while I swept the cut outs to the side, then tipped it back down into the same position. Then I took the cut pieces and flipped them over and replaced them into the holes in the wood where they’d come from (only works for designs that are mirrored left/right I guess :)) Then I set the cut section to ignore and printed again. It worked very well and I got a two sided print as I’d hoped.

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