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This thing was a true labor of love. My SIL asked for a sign to give to her husband for Christmas. They own a ski condo in VT. The backing wood is the stuff I mentioned the other day… it came from an 1850’s barn (turned into a garage) at the house my husband and his brother bought together. My husband was living in that house when we met and we lived there together for a year before we got married, so it has meaning for me as well. Of course, I was terrified I was going to ruin the wood at some point in the process. But other than the alignment of the boards being slightly off, it went off without a hitch.

The sign is going to hang outside, so I put a lot of effort into making it as sturdy as possible. The stain is TWP, which I had to use inside and I’m pretty sure killed a lot of brain cells. I wanted something that would protect the barnwood without masking it. Everything else is cut on the GF and painted with Americana Decor Outdoor Living paint. The boards are attached with my new Kreg Jig (love!) and some Titebond III wood glue. The letters are attached with E6000. That stuff is a pain to work with, but it’s waterproof and can handle extreme temps (-40 to 180 degrees F). Just some product ideas in case anyone else needs to put together an outdoor, all-weather sign.


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