Beta Project - Engraved Phone Stand
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Well, I was going to do Star Wars, but the font I had was all weird (I tried typing “Do or Do Not, There Is No Try” and it had WAY too many "R"s). My Harry Potter font was fine, so I went this route instead. I designed a simple phone stand in Fusion 360, exported the sketches and opened them up in Illustrator where I added the text to the front of the stand and the marauder’s map-esque graphics to the base.

I would make the base shorter next time to increase the tilt a bit. The phone stands a little too upright. I would also increase the distance that the tabs stick out from the front of the stand. Feels like the phone is right on the edge of falling off. Finally, I made the clips too narrow and one broke as I inserted it into the base, so I would increase the sizes on those as well.

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