Beta Project: My first scratch design
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I’ve finally had an extended amount of time this morning to work on a project using my own vector design out of illustrator. I wanted to see how the engraving process and details would ‘print’ at different sizes and using a few different materials.

Here is a shot of the file on screen in Illustrator.

Here are my results…

In clear acrylic:

And also in hardwoods using 2 different types and sizes:

These are about 2.5" diameter. I wanted to see how well the detail would work at fine lines… Amazed by the precision on the detail! :slight_smile:

Next, I tried a different type of wood and left the size almost at original. I just fit it to the piece of hardwood by resizing it in the GF app.

With masking still on and a sharpie for size.

Final without masking. Really happy with the result! :smile:

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