Beta Project 3_JM - Leather Credit Card Holder
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The credit card holder was created in leather in 4 pieces. The solid base, two small side pieces to provide width, and an engraved wrap around strap.

I created the design in Illustrator and used a ton of grid lines to measure out the punch spacing (I have no doubt I took the long way around Illustrator but in the end accomplished my goal!)

Engraved and cut out the strap first to ensure the punches were adequate for sewing … hind sight I should have increased the punch a .mil - Strap went well apart from the paper being hard to peel out of those little spaces since tape was pulling up the first layer of the leather.

After cutting the large panel, found the enclosure cuts were too narrow for the strap. Increased the sizing and successfully lined the new opening up over the panel and cut the opening larger.

In the end figuring out how to knot the thread and sew it together proved more challenging than designing it!

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