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Our horse Bella is somewhat crazy around the barn (tends to bite people) although while under saddle is unflappable (like god forbid you stand 15’ free in front of her, but guy pulling stumps out with an excavator, sure). Anyway, the only treat that seems to calm her down is a banana. My wife complained that the bananas in the kitchen were ripening to quickly (Bella isn’t as thrilled with mushy bananas). Made with :proofgrade: thick acrylic. The first design failed as I thought thick acrylic was stronger than it is and the vertical snapped with 4 banana, so I made it wider. BTW: She eats them whole peal, stem and all. So a banana stand was required:


(and no I don’t usually keep my Prusa mk3 on the kitchen counter, but had to fix something, and it’s way easier up that high than in the enclosure)

stand.svg.zip (3.4 KB)
Source file if anyone wants to make their own (I guess just remove the text) with thick acrylic

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