Beta project: Getting Started
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Here is my stuff from the first day of Forging! It’s all pretty basic, but I’m looking forward to getting into more complex stuff today!

#1 - D6 (1/8" hardwood)
I had this designed previously. It didn’t account for material thickness so it is very loose. I am going to work on redesigning this today.

#2 - PE Stamp (1/4" ply)
I wanted to attempt the PE Stamp that @dan graciously cut and video’d for me last week. I set the engrave to the deepest setting, and I also had a score and an engrave.

#3 - Meeples (1/4" Acrylic)
I decided to make a custom set of meeples with my initials. 1/4" acrylic is a little too thin for meeples, but they would be capable of standing on end, so why not? THey stand on end, but they all lean, some more than others.

Jan has a couple of things that she has done, but I’ll get her account set up today and she can post those.

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