Beta Project: Another light switch cover
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This week was a good week with the Glowforge; I finished two projects. The first one I finished was inspired by a thread on the owners forum about the unsexiest thing you will make with your GF. The Unsexiest Thing I Am Going To Make With My Glowforge

In that thread someone talked about wanting to make a light switch cover to avoid needing to patch a hole in his drywall, and several posters pointed out that a light switch cover does not need to be boring. I recently had some electrical work done in my 1930 house that left me with holes in my lathe and plaster that I have been putting off patching, and that thread turned on a light bulb for me.

I used some free art nouveau vector scrollwork as a starting point for a design that fits the character of the house. I gave it a coat of super glossy paint, and I plan to do a few more to get an even finish reminiscent of porcelain. For now a huge wind and rainstorm is preventing me from doing any more spray painting, so I have screwed it on as is.

Just as I was writing this post I saw the owl light switch cover that was posted today. So I guess this is an idea who’s time has come. :smile: Owl Light Switch Plate Cover!

My second project this week was helping a friend make awards for some dedicated volunteers. I will add a post about that soon.

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