Icosahedron thank you gift
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This is one of 3 somewhat identical thank you gifts for our team leaders that have helped us over the past couple of years as part of the Filene research Institute I3 program. This is for credit union leaders who collaborate and innovate for the industry and our Members. 16 different credit unions from across the US and Canada were part of this cycle, and I volunteered to make the award/gift versus buying them a generic plaque or gift card. I decided on making a Icosahedron so that each participant could put their name and a custom thank you message on their triangle, as well as put the location of each of our conferences. Long story short, I did an inlay of the Filene logo of orange acrylic into proofgrade walnut, and did each persons triangle on proofgrade maple. I 3D printed the same platonic solids that I used for a dymaxion globe, but made the triangles a bit larger in comparison. We meet in San Diego in a few weeks at the Big Bright Minds conference, and I hope they like their personalized gift.


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