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OK the post title is more clever than the project, it’s a box. But how awesome is it when your wife comes home from work and says “one of the techs needs a donation box for a project they are doing for saving sea turtles in mexico” and you can whip one out in under an hour to completed project. Apparently they are going to mexico for a free spay/neuter clinic and while they are there wanted to do something for the sea turtles with a local rescue agency. So off to OnShape (next time I will just edit the artwork and keep the box) mechanicals. I wanted to put the sign on the back plate so had that stick up and then got some cool free-tattoo artwork of a sea turtle. I got a Mayan font off ( and then did the artwork in Illustrator. It’s engraved in :proofgrade: Medium Maple Plywood.


Box with banana for scale


Detail of engrave of the turtle

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