Test Pieces for my Steampunk Cosplay
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My girlfriend and I do Steampunk cosplay at our local nerd convention. My character is an airship captain, leaning toward TeslaPunk, with electricity and the like. I have been working on the costume for a while, adding things here and there. Tonight I did a first run of the design for the cap device and the wings. These are test parts for sizing made from PG maple plywood. The final will either be metallic on black acrylic or metallic acrylic depending on how well each material works.


The wings are my own design; the cap device is a modification of a dragon design that is on the buttons I bought for the uniform coat. The original design has the wings and head down and looks a little more draconic; I haven’t figured out how to get the head to look like a dragon instead of a bird. I might also change the tip of the tail.

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