Playing the angles for tea or cookies
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For some time now I have been trying to figure how to make a tapered box with fingers and the bottom part of this project cried out for a mansard roof as a lid so I decided to experiment. I left the hip corners straight as I still was having trouble figuring and I made the fingers extra long to accommodate the angle. While not entirely successful, wood putty covered up the gaping holes in the idea, and I did end up with an actual thing rather than scrap so not an utter failure for a first try.

I very much liked the fingers sticking out of that top piece like rafters so I went with the flow there and I sanded away the roughest bits. But now I am in a quandary. As its expected use is as a cookie jar or tea box do I oil the wood with furniture oil or lacquer it to be waterproof or even spray the inside with the sealant advertised on tv so that it even holds water, or even everywhere so that it looks like it is molded plastic?




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