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Anyone else having trouble getting to boxes.py?.
I got to thinking about alternative ways to do lids. I had been really annoyed that we cannot cut on the side of the wood like on the top and bottom but I realized that drills and saws still can and though this box would not have a slanted top, the slanted top could be done in the same manner.

While thinking along those lines I realized that a sliding top would work for that as well. As I have a lot of three inch wide wood I designed to use that.

In both cases I made two sides high that the lid would fit between in one case for the bamboo hinge and the other to hold son to the ears of the slide.

I also added a touch of engraving from the web for interest.



You can see were I drilled an eighth inch hole through each side and a half inch into the lid and then glued a bit of bamboo skewer to the sides and let it float so it will remove easier should there be a reason.


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