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I had a new sheet of PG lack acrylic and some leftover plywood from a project. My boy (6 1/2) is really into puzzles and geography, so…

1.) Downloaded United States map and imported it into inkscape. I traced the outlines by hand using the sketch tool (black).

2.) Box tooled the rectangle (green) and added labels (red) including fun descriptions that will challenge him to read but should be in his ability level.

3.) Saved as PDF and converted texts to strokes.

4.) Cut the black and green marks in the wood and engraved the red.

5.) Replaced wood with acrylic, switched the red text to “ignore.” Switched black cut lines to “score.” Cut the green as before.

6.) Superglue and clamps! Good to go.




Took about two hours to trace the design and get it the way I wanted it. The word took a little less than an hour and a half and the acrylic took about 10 minutes.

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