Beta Project: 1:12 Scale Bench
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Hello again,

On my way to grab lunch at the PCC across from our office, I spied a wooden bench that looked like a natural test project for the GF.


A quick SketchUp study. I couldn’t replicate the design exactly as 1/8" is the thinnest Proofgrade wood I’ve got and every other member in the bench is thinner than 1/8" at 1:12 scale. But 1/8" is perfect for modeling 2X materials at 1:12.

Design in AutoCAD. Not much to look at.

And the assembled model joined by 1/8" basswood dowels. Very sturdy…no glue.

And then across the street for a photoshoot at Green Lake. I also lasered a little man for scale. Should’ve cadded up a hipster, but Generic Cad Man will do.

Happy lasering!

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