Fleet Kits for Sailing Education & Race Officials
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If you’ve seen a lot of my posts, it’s clear that a lot of my Glowforge designs have been to support my company SailZing.com’s product business. Our latest product is a set of boat models that we call Fleet Kits for use in sailing schools and protest meetings to show various scenarios.

Most of the kits for sale previously had just a single sail and were low fidelity, but cost a lot. We chose to make several sets to support everything from the Scows and Optimists that we sail and up to a yacht shape for offshore.

The Glowforge allowed me to do a lot of prototyping and enough production for now. The finished result is awesome!

Here are some photos.



SailZing Fleet Kits

Edit: This is what the Master Set looks like, complete with the Glowforge etched polypropylene lid that I showed you all a while back.



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