Beta project "the console" (Star Trek Lighted Console with Adafruit)
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At long last I have time to tell the story.
This is the most ambitious thing I have made so far with the Glowforge, and it took a lot longer then I expected.

A friend of mine got married.
He is a Star Trek fan(atic), and his wife is at least sympathetic to his obsession.
I decided I had to make an appropriate wedding present, and this is the result!
NOTE: due to legal concerns I have obfuscated the logo, but I am sure you can all google it to see what it really looks like. I would love to show it to you in its real version but I Khaaaaan’t.

It is made out of 1/4" plywood cut on the GF and box jointed together.

I ran it over a rounding bit on a router to give it that Star Trek rounded rectangle look.

Then I sanded and spot puttied, and sanded, and primed, and sanded, etc.

Then I masked and painted it

While the paint was drying I cut three layers of acylic and engraved the three parts of the logo on them.

These get stacked up and have these super cool controllable RGB LEDs glued on.

I found three matching potentiometers in the big box’o’pots and made some knobs.

All this gets prototyped and then wired up with a Trinket board from Adafruit.

And finally

There is a power switch and one to change"modes". In the first the knobs directly control the color of each layer, and if you flip the switch the other way the colors change randomly at a speed controlled by the knobs.

Lots of fun, and lots of work.
I think they liked it though!

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