Drawer Organizer for my Computer Desk (Keyboard drawer)
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For quite a while I’ve been dealing with a keyboard that kept sliding around in my desk drawer, a trackpad that was never in the same place, and a bunch of miscellaneous stuff all mixed up in the drawer.

Leveraging a few things I learned from making the sock drawer organizer, I came up with a modular approach to lock what I needed to in place, but still provided me the flexibility to adjust as needed in the future. Is it perfect? Certainly not. Did it take me far too many attempts to get things “good enough”? Yep. (And that’s why its ALWAYS good to have a bunch of spare draftboard.

What did I learn?

  1. It’s surprising how little interlocking gaps can be and still provide a solid structure. (they don’t need to be 50/50 split, and keeping that in mind allows for a great deal of flexibility for changes in the future.

  2. Think about which direction you want the “hole up” tabs to be, and which you want the “hole down” ones to be. (Hint: the ones you may want / need to change in the future should be the “down” and the “bones” of the design should be flat down, hole up.

  3. Since you have a Glowforge, you DON"T NEED for dividers to be of the same height, even in a single piece.

  4. If it works out that something doesn’t quite fit just right, all you need to do is square it off in the forge, put a guide piece of masking tape on it, and drop a short “CUT” line onto the piece to take out a chunk, shorten it up, etc.

Drawer in it’s entirety:


Left side (for close up) - see the stair-step cut to accomodate the drawer-front closure.


Right Side: (for balance).


I hope this provides just a bit of inspiration back to this great community.


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