First custom object built! Perfume Sample holder
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So one of my imp bottles leaked, the lid cracked, and it ruined the surface of one of my painted jewelry boxes(but i like how it looks still). So I decided to make a holder for the stupid things so I could keep better track of them and they didn’t roll all over my table!

Now I can make a more informed decision about what scent I’m trying on(the one i have on now smells like cookies!).

I used the box generator’s shelf option to work out the initial design, then I used that as a pattern to mock it up in Maya. I have dyscalculia, which makes it hard to hold numbers in my head, so it’s easier for me to make a mock up in Maya to understand what I’m making. It also means that I have trouble with my right and my left and I felt stupid for years because I’d always make wrong turns!

Anyway, then I found a random wallpaper print from the 1920’s and used that as my engraving pattern. I really love the way the burned parts look, so I ended up not peeling off the excess tape. It’ll probably get dissolved by the oils on the vials eventually anyway, but i like the way it has an aged look now. it matches the aesthetic of bpal, which is where all these came from.

I’m really pleased by this! I did a couple tests of cardboard and a smaller sword holder for some toys, but they were super basic compared with this. The engraving took about 40 for all four sides, but the rest was really fast.

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