Pentecost and other liturgical emblems
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Last year I did a series of large designs to fit into the palms in the sanctuary. I missed Pentecost last year, so I had to make up for it this year. My art and environment coordinator is a great collaborator on these projects. She comes up with the ideas and the encouragement. I make them on the Glowforge, and then she does her decoration magic to make them pop.


This is three layers of acrylic. Red satin backing and gold paint on the engraved borders. White satin for the dove.


Side view for perspective on construction.

Thick acrylic parts. I made the size to fit in the width of the Glowforge. One time I could have used a pass through, although they are big enough to fit where they are.


Immaculate Heart of Mary


Corpus Christi


fleur de lis for for Trinity Sunday

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