(German) Teacher Appreciation Gift
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My wife and I have been taking German lessons for the past few months and tonight is our last session (for now). Combining our appreciation for her patience and teaching abilities with my penchant for visual puns, we ran this off last night:

…yes, there really are one thousand instances of “Danke!” on the board. :wink:

Btw, although I routinely use Illustrator or Affinity Design, there are occasions when Word or Powerpoint are good 'nuf. In this case, I created a blank slide in PPT, added a text block (cut & paste along with the "word count’ tool were really useful at this point), then added a “Word Art” block on top. Exported as both PDF and PNG. Done. Could I have done this in AI, AD, Inkscape, etc? Sure. :wink:

Btw, I ended up using the PNG as it processed very quickly. The PDF still had all 1,002 words as text glyphs, so was taking a long time to process.

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