Small posable lamp base
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I started using this inexpensive ($26) video LED light for taking pictures and then I realized it doubled quite nicely as a desktop lamp. Adam Savage suggested something similar as a custom workbench lamp.

My first attempt to make some arms was too simple and flimsy so I decided to replicate the classic design of the posable lamp base with materials I had at hand. I got some inspiration from a design by Matthew Phillips I found on Instructables (he also provides cut files if you wanna go that way). He uses rubber bands instead of springs which I thought was pretty clever.

I drew mine from scratch because I wanted a specific size and I had a bunch of #8-32 screws to assemble it.

I’m uploading the SVG for your inspiration with some disclaimers and notes:

  • I used #8-32 machine screws but I made the holes with a really tight fit to provide some extra friction.
  • Where there are slots they were sized to the plywood I used and the kerf of my machine, so you might want to adjust that to your needs. My plywood was 0.125" thick.
  • The holes for the rubber bands are sized to the bamboo skewers I had at hand, so as with everything else your mileage may vary.

It’s a simple design so I’m sure you can adapt it to your needs quite easily.


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